Hey one and all.

"What’s up?"

I’m fun, but seriously this is business.



So! I just wanted to let you interested people know that I’m planning to open this role play by the end of next week. I’m working on bios as we speak. Send me some messages on which characters you want to see. Also, I’m looking for a coadmin. Please feel free to go ahead and send in your applications and ask questions! That’s why I’m here.

Mod Lara 

|| Ginny + Kitty

"Hi there. I don’t believe we’ve met. I’m Kitty Pryde. Are you here at the school for good reasons…? Or should I be preparing a squad to kick you out?"

Not to forget…

Follow Our newest new recruit, Karasu.

…We’re trying our best with her. One day I hope she’ll settle in.

So, that’s Eva, Jia and Karasu now. Added to everyone else…. I’m glad the school is huge.

Everyone should FOLLOW our newest generation of mutants.

Young Miss Jia Jing, a bright new student at the school.

As well as Miss Eva Bell. …Who at the moment is with Scott and Emma. That could change.

So… Yes. Go follow.

Someone managed to spill my morning coffee.


“Ah, finally someone who isn’t a child. Quite the bunch you’ve got here. I’m afraid they don’t take kindly to strangers sadly.”
“Yes. Finding my pants would be a good start.”

"No, I don’t suppose they do. We tend to have bad experiences with strangers out here."

"Gotcha. Can I ask why you’re missing you’re pants? Or do I not want to know?"

I think I’m catching a cold.

(( I’ve been skyping as Mama Stark for far too long now. I actually want to make a Maria Stark. Oh well. Kitty needs more loving. My Maria Stark would suck. SO… xD I need to focus on making Kitty decent.

And yeah. Hey. What’s new? :D ))

It’s cold.

And I’m bored. Damn. It’s Saturday. Why can’t I be off doing something fun, or exciting…. Or even just a teeny bit interesting - but like, the good variety of interesting not the ‘Oh, so that’s how the world’s going to end soon’ interesting. I should go to a club. Night club. That’s it. I should…

Someone needs to shut me up before I jinx the hell out of all of us.